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ratgeber Subject: Gefühle verstehen, Probleme bewältigen (Understand your feelings, overcome your problems
Authors: Psychologist Doris Wolf and Rolf Merkle
Binding: quality paperback
(ISBN 978-3-923614-18-9)
184 pages, 30th printing (340.000 copies)

Gefühle verstehen, Probleme bewältigen is our most successful self-help program based on cognitive behavior therapy. It combines several cognitive techniques for assessing, improving and maintaining our emotional well-being. It shows, how negative self-talk can cause a lot of emotional problems and how we can change our way of thinking and thereby change the way we feel and act.
This book is not about how to learn positive thinking. Yet it shows clearly, that the way we look at the things has a big influence on how we feel and act. It deals with problems as fears, guilt, jealousy, depressions, low assertive behaviour, inferiority complexes and other everyday disturbances. It offers step-by-step instructions for mastering negative emotions and personal problems.
ratgeber Subject: Wenn der Partner geht (Coping with divorce)
Author: Psychologist Doris Wolf
Binding: quality paperback
(ISBN 978-3-923614-74-5)
184 pages, 26th printing (200.000 copies)

Wenn der Partner geht is a handbook for the divorcing and divorced. It is a practical quide for women and men who suffer from the loss of a loved one. This step-by-step program offers a lot of proven ways, how to deal with the negative feelings going with a divorce like loneliness, depression, guilt, grief, anger, rejection, and a sense of failure. It shows how to rebuild one´s self-esteem and how to find new ways of relating to people. It also helps the divorced to understand, why his/her relationship broke up and how he/she can avoid the same mistakes in the next relationship. One chapter deals with the myths about love and relationships.
An indispensable survival kit for both women und men whose marriage is on the rocks. It is written in a very sympatheticly way mixed with a lot of case examples and the own experience of the author, who knows, what she is writing about.
ratgeber Subject: Eifersucht (Jealousy)
Author: Psychologist Rolf Merkle
Binding: quality paperback
(ISBN 978-3-923614-24-0)
120 pages, 16th printing (140.000 copies)

Eifersucht is written for the jealous person. In this book jealous people learn about the causes of jealousy: a deep feeling of personal insecurity and a very low self-esteem.
Step-by-step the jealous person learns how to handle this destructing habit better. The first step in overcoming this behaviour is to take charge of the jealousy. The jealous person has to see and accept that she/he is making herself/himself jealousy and nobody is doing that to her/him. The next even more important step is building up one´s self-esteem. As long as the jealous person treats herself/himself as the worst enemy there is no hope that the loving relationship to her/his mate is improving. In one chapter of this book the mate of a jealous person learns several ways in dealing with jealous reactions.
Subject: Abnehmen und dabei genießen (How to loose weight without diet and enjoy eating)
Author: Psychologist Doris Wolf
Binding: quality paperback
(ISBN 978-3-923614-60-8)
296 pages, 4nd printing (32.000 copies)

"Abnehmen und dabei genießen" is not another book about dieting. It is a book that helps the overweight person to understand the psychological causes of her/his overweight. Out of the experience that diets do not work in the long run, the author clearly shows, how and why overweight persons differ from natural thin persons. People with overweight even eat, when they are not hungry, for example when they feel nervous, angry, lonely or unsatisfied.
Doris Wolf shows the overweight person different ways to cope with these negative feelings. In her book she also shows why and how it is possible for the overweight person to eat and enjoy everything that tastes well and yet to stay thin.
The material for this book comes out of the experience with hundreds of overweight persons in Germany and in the USA, where the author has conducted groups for overweight people.
Subject: Einsamkeit überwinden (Overcoming loneliness)
Author: Psychologist Doris Wolf
Binding: quality paperback
(ISBN 978-3-923614-14-1)
148 pages, 12th printing (66.000 copies)

Einsamkeit überwinden is a book for men and women who feel lonely and want to overcome that negative feeling. The author explains how and why one can feel lonely even if one is together with other people. The key for understanding loneliness is a lack of self-respect. The lonely person thinks that she or he needs somebody in order to have a satisfying und fulfilling life. She or he must look inside and learn to build up a positive feeling for herself. Step-by-Step the reader not only learns how to build up a positive and new self-image but also how and where she or he can win friends. She or he learns ways to make herself or himself attractive to other people. A special chapter is dedicated to people who want to make the concious decision to stay alone.
Ratgeber Ängste, Panikattacken Subject: Ängste verstehen und überwinden (Understand and overcome anxieties and panic)
Author: Psychologist Dr. Doris Wolf
Binding: quality paperback
(ISBN 978-3-923614-32-5)
192 pages, 26th printing (300.000 copies)

Ängste verstehen und überwinden deals with the most widespread anxieties that people suffer from. Fears like the fear of loosing control over oneself, fear of animals like spiders and dogs, fear of crossing bridges and driving through tunnels, fear of open and crowded places, fear of rejection and many more.
First the reader learns about the source of his/her fears and the many different psychological and physical aspects of fears and phobias. Out of her experience with more than 2000 patients who had suffered from fears, the author describes proven and highly effective ways how the reader can learn to overcome his/her fears.
Subject: So gewinnen Sie mehr Selbstvertrauen (How to gain more self-confidence and overcome feelings of inferiority)
Author: Psychologist Dr. Rolf Merkle
Binding: quality paperback
(ISBN 978-3-923614-34-9)
144 pages, 26th printing (320.000 copies)

So gewinnen Sie mehr Selbstvertrauen is a step-by-step program for people, who suffer from low self-esteem and feelings of inferiority. It shows the reader how he/she acquired his/her negative self-image and these negative feelings in his/her childhood. Then he/she learns what negative consequences it can have, if one suffers from a low self-esteem: Anxieties, depressions, jealosy, problems with other people and in the job, and many more. The reader learns proven psychological techniques to eliminate the negative voice, the author calls it the critic, that causes the feelings of inadeqacy. A guide, that helps the reader to accept himself/herself more.
Subject: So überwinden Sie Prüfungsängste (How to overcome test anxieties)
Author: Psychologist Dr. Doris Wolf & Dr. Rolf Merkle
Binding: quality paperback
(ISBN 978-3-923614-36-3)
96 pages, 11th printing (45.000 copies)

So überwinden Sie Prüfungsängste adresses itself to the many people who suffer from test anxiety: to students of high schools, universities, driving schools and advanced trainings. First the reader learns about the source of his/her test anxiety and the many different psychological and physical aspects of this kind of anxiety. Then, step-by-step by the means of cognitive behavior therapy such as <positive and affirmative sef-talk and positive visualization>, he/she learns how to conquer this anxiety and to avoid the sword of the damocles, that hangs over the head of almost every student: the blackout. Furthermore the student learns how to concentrate better and he/she learns how to learn optimal.
Ratgeber Selbstbewusstsein, Selbstsicherheit Subject: Lass Dir nicht alles gefallen (How to assert yourself)
Author: Psychologist Dr. Rolf Merkle
Binding: quality paperback
(ISBN 978-3-923614-35-6)
192 Seiten, 18th printing (128.000 copies)

This book is for people who want to learn, to stand up for themselves and to be more confident. Dr. Merkle is a well known cognitive behavior therapist in germany and author of several self-help books.
In this book he explains, where shyness and low self-confidence come from and he gives step-by-step informations on how one can learn, to be more confident at home and in business. A special chapter deals with the distinct problems, that women have with asserting themselves.
Subject: Wenn das Leben zur Last wird (Coping with depression)
Author: Psychologist Dr. Rolf Merkle
Binding: quality paperback
(ISBN 978-3-923614-47-9)
128 pages; 17th printing (128.000 copies)

Wenn das Leben zur Last wird adresses itself to people who suffer from depressions. The different forms of depression are described and the reader learns, on the basis of the cognitive behavior therapy, how depressions come about and how he/she can learn, to overcome his/her depressive moods and thoughts.
This easy-to-read self-help book offers the depressive practical and proved methods, that have worked out very successfully with depressive patients. Of course it is not possible to solve severe depressions with the help of a book alone. But even in severe cases that book can offer something, that is highly valuable: the depressive gets hope, that, with the help of a professional, his blues can be overcome.
Ratgeber Trauer, Trauerbewältigung Subject: Einen geliebten Menschen verlieren (How to cope with the loss of a loved-one)
Author: Psychologist Dr. Doris Wolf
Binding: quality paperback
(ISBN 978-3-923614-48-6)
192 pages, 19th printing (118.000 copies)

This highly sensible book addresses itself to people who suffer from the loss of a loved-one. The author starts with a description on how different cultures cope with the loss of a person. Then she describes the different stages (from denial over accepting to living a satiesfying life as a single) one goes through during the period of mourning. She accompanies the grieving reader sensibly through every stage of his/her grieving process and offers him/her psychological strategies, that have proven themselves in her private practice. This easy to understand book tells the reader, how he/she can learn to accept the loss as an unavoidable part of life and how he/she can find a meaning of life again.
Subject: Keine Angst vor dem Erröten (How to overcome flushing)
Author: Psychologist Dr. Doris Wolf
Binding: quality paperback
ISBN 978-3-923614-59-2
144 pages, 7th printing (43.000 copies)

Keine Angst vor dem Erröten is a self-help book for people who suffer from flushing. It shows, why we all tend to flush in certain situations, how to overcome the fear of flushing and how to deal with the flushing, when it is there.
Subject: Ab heute kränkt mich niemand mehr (How to avoid getting hurt emotionally)
Author: Psychologist Dr. Doris Wolf
Binding: quality paperback
ISBN 978-3-923614-79-0
248 pages, 9th printing (78.000 copies)

This self-help book shows how to deal with hurtful reactions and discounted behavior of other people. It shows, why one feels emotionally hurt, when somebody else does or say something specific, how one can protect oneself from verbal insults, how to overcome resentement from the past and how to react to people, who try to abuse one emotionally.
zest-for-life calender - the most successful calender in Germany

Subject: Der Lebensfreude Kalender (The zest for life calendar)
Author: Psychologists Doris Wolf, Rolf Merkle
ISBN 978-3-923614-44-8
This is the most successful calendar in Germany since 9 years.

Of the 2018 calendar we have sold 300.000 copies.

Now over 3.300.000 copies in print.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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